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I am Silvano Strologo and I grew up learning the profession of winemaker as a child. Since this profession is based on a very personal relationship with the land in which I was born, it is not easy to convey to you what to produce wine represents for me and how much it has enriched me over time, allowing me to become what I am.

For those who are not born in contact with the countryside, it will be almost impossible to understand how profound the relationship between us Marchigiani and the territory is and how much this profession has allowed us to represent our land in the world. Being a winemaker allowed me to go way beyond my own town, travelling and discovering the world with joy. I never thought I'd find myself one day in New York or Tokyo and in many other parts of the world with my bottles and have the chance to get to know a lot of people who helped me look at things from another perspective, a lot different from the one I would have had if I had always stayed in Camerano.

This job has allowed me not only to increase my wine culture and to confront myself with the wine industry on a global level, but it has allowed me to learn, listen and understand who I had in front of me every time, creating a relationship beyond the of economic exchange, but a real cultural exchange between different regions at national level and between different nations on an international level, opening the doors to a panorama beyond all limits.

It is thanks to my father Giulio that I succeeded in this adventure because it was he who taught me to go beyond the fears that are present in the provincial rhetoric, trying to be positive towards life and all the challenges it brings us.

It was not easy to promote wines, since in the world the Marche does not have the same notoriety as Piedmont or Tuscany, but, as Giulio said, the important thing is to feel an integral part of a territory and have the desire to promote it and tell its story. I am sorry that today my father is not next to me to enjoy what we have managed to build, but he would certainly rejoice at the results his family has achieved since the early 1960s, when he decided to start his own business.

In the 90s it was still not very common to bottle wine under the name of a single winery and the technologies of making wine were completely different. I had to renew all our farming methods learned from the older generations but I believed in innovation by going against everything that was already known.

Thanks to this desire for radical change, I started the collaboration with the oenologist Giancarlo Soverchia from whom I learned most of these new technologies.

Time has given me a hand and after winning the awards of the 3 Bicchieri, 4 Grappoli and the listing in prestigious guides gradually consolidated until the decision to plant new vines and expand the production that today is around 75,000 bottles a year.

After 20 years from the beginning, I have never lost the desire to have fun doing what I do, coming to discover that this job has forged a real universe for me and my family. I owe all this to the constant commitment of all of us, especially to my wife who takes care of all communication and sales. Without her I would never have done it and for that I thank her with all my heart! Also my mother, my sister and my brother-in-law, who work with great dedication. The fruit of this commitment has brought our wine to the most important international circuits and to the tables of the best restaurants: this is what ultimately repays us for the great sacrifice we make.

Our wine shop is open to the public, come visit us!

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